Under the direction of John B. Henry, the MSNA was established in 1972. John foresaw a Maryland-based group that might serve as a centralized structure. John went across the state visiting club members, coin retailers, and coin enthusiasts in general to see whether an organization might be formed.

John hosted a series of sessions in his house in late 1971. In February 1972, enough progress had been achieved for an organizational meeting to be convened at Mount Calvary Episcopal Church, Madison and North Eutaw Streets, Baltimore, Maryland. A group of around 20 persons representing 15 clubs convened, and by the end of the meeting, there was clear evidence of the formation of a state organization. MSNA was formed towards the end of the first year.

Numisnotes was the first publication that was available in the fall of 1972. MSNA had 136 subscribers at the moment, with 21 of Maryland's 24 coin organizations subscribing to their content. The title of the organization had changed to Maryland Numismatist shortly after the first issue.

Past Officers of MSNA

John B. Henry

1973 - 1974

Henry Westphal

1974 - 1976

Bill Ayres

1976 - 1977

Bill Ayres

1976 - 1977

Bill Lenz

1977 - 1979

Phil Greenslet

1979 - 1981

Will Mumford

1981 - 1983

Tom Reichelderfer

1983 - 1984

Carl Shrader

1984 - 1985

Bob Ruby

1985 - 1987

Pete Burris

1987 - 1989

Bobbie Vaughan

1989 - 1991

Jack Pryor

1991 - 1993

Bill Ayres

1993 - 1995

Ernie Turnes

1995 - 1997

Bill Stratemeyer

1997 - 1999

Don Curtis

1999 - 2001

Thomas Palmer

2001 - 2003

Edward L. Craig

2003 - 2005

Simcha Kuritzky

2005 - 2007

Frank Murphy

2007 - 2009

Jack Schadegg

2009 - 2011

Frank Murphy

2011 - 2013

Scott Barman

2013 - Present

About MSNA

The Maryland State Numismatic Association strives to promote and enhance financial expertise via academic, historical, and scholarly means. The program gives as a statewide umbrella group for member organizations statewide Maryland.

Within the past, the association has had educational programs that provided an introduction to Liberty Seated coinage, designers, subtypes, and more. In addition, there has been sessions that focused on half dimes, dimes, and quarters.

Member Clubs

Baltimore Coin Club

Belmar Coin Club

Bowie Coin Club

Cambridge Coin Club

Carroll Co. Coin Club

Catonsville Coin Club

Colonial Coin Club

Frederick County Coin Club

Harford Coin Huskers

Interstate Coin Club

Maryland Token & Medal Society

Maryland Numismatic Society

Middle River Coin Club

Montgomery County Coin Club

Saint Maries Coin Club